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Dear visitor, please read through carefully the following terms and conditions of Damytravel.com, which may be referred to as “We”, “our”, “Us” and “You” referring to the visitor/customer booking a flight or hotel reservation through our platform or the customer service team, all through this writing.

The Damytravel website serves as a search engine for travellers in need of flight and hotel booking prices as well as other travel statistics.

Your access to this website does in no way create a partnership/stakeholder, employer/employee relationship of any sort.

The use of this website is tailored around the following terms and conditions. Ensure you carefully read the terms and conditions before making use of this website.

Damytravel has provided information and materials that may be used only for being informed, thus your access or use of the materials provided on this platform is your consent to all the terms stated in this legal notice for visitors of both the present and future.

We have the liberty to subsequently update this legal notice so you are advised to frequently visit this page to be constantly updated for new information. And if you do not accept our terms and conditions you are advised to not use this website.

Our conditions

You consent to the terms and conditions by your use of this website, and therefore are bound to the following conditions:

●     You must possess the legal authority to create a binding legal obligation

●     Your use of this website binds you to all agreement stated in this legal notice

●     This website will only be used to search and compare flight and booking prices and reservations for you or any person you legally allowed to act in place.

●     You must see to it that information passed across to you on this website is proven to be accurate and current.

You are expected to protect your account on this platform, because you will be in charge of all the activities performed on this website, either for you or someone else.

We have the right to deny access to this website or our services for any reason including breach of the agreement.

Your attention must be drawn to the fact that providers of certain services may request your application to their liability waiver before accessing those services.

Visitors are allowed to access by downloading, copying information or materials from the website for personal use only.

And the use of such materials within an organization must be with the support of Damytravel, if a condition of use is placed for the material in question to remain untouched, i.e. unrevised or modified in any way, retaining on all copies of the materials all copyright as it were in the original material. Aside from this, Damytravel authorizes no other use of this information or materials.

 Any violation of the afore and following stated may attract legal pursuits

Covid 19 Disclaimer

In your agreement with Damytravel Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that Damytravel resells as an affiliate having access to a global database of hotels and airlines. Thus, possible travel restrictions may be imposed in certain areas you have chosen to book via our platform, you are hereby advised to check for travel restrictions before booking.

Having made this clear, Damytravel will not for any reason be held liable for unplanned events like cancellations or change in schedule, operational changes or consequential damages caused by passengers.

Services offered by Damytravel

Damytravel website serves as a booking portal and search engine to travelers in need of flight and hotel booking prices as well as other travel statistics.

Nothing outside the scope of these services is offered on our platforms or affiliated with the company, the following are strictly services rendered by Damytravel enabling visitors/customers:

●     Access to our website

●     Place reservations and secure booking in respect to accommodation and travel

●     ask for quotations


 All information and materials such as; FAQs, whitepapers, press releases, PDFs, and datasheets available on this website are copyrighted by Damytravel and violation will occur through unauthorised use of these materials or information.


The use of the Damytravel trademark is possible only via written permission. Damytravel trademark and brand is solely registered under Damytravel. Other brands and content seen on this website are properties of their owners; Damytravel in no way assumes ownership of these brands.


The website provides links to third party sites. Damytravel is in no way responsible for the information on these sites, including the quality or acceptability of its products or services. Back links on the website to these third-party websites do not endorse its quality or performance. Hence, clients are expected to conduct research, assessing the risks involved with the use of software found on the internet.



Our team provides the best in terms of precise, accurate and current information. But there not to be held liable for the efficacy of content published on the website.

Damytravel will not be held responsible for any form of loss or damage incurred from the use or inability to use the website, information or material.

The travel industry suffers from volatile currency rates, thus rates published on the website should not be considered certain or final. It is therefore advisable to seek the service of a professional for expert currency rate conversion detail.

Duly note: All information provided by Damytravel is without warranties. Damytravel goes further to expel all forms of warranties to the uttermost as backed up by law. You are to bear all cost if your use of the website (materials or information) results in a need for repairs, correction of data etc.


Damytravel controls the right to terminate a client/visitor’s access to the website for any reason, as well as a violation of the agreement. In the course of this termination, restrictions as touching materials and information on the website, all indemnities and liabilities contained in this agreement will survive termination.

Governing law

This agreement encompasses Damytravel's as under the administration of the United Kingdom. The venue is solely under the power of courts in the United Kingdom, concerning matters in respect to this agreement. If you will not comply with this contract you are advised to desist from the use of this platform.

This agreement serves as a testament between both parties (You and Damytravel) as it relates to the platform, excluding all fraudulent statements.

Damytravel reserves all right not stated expressly in this document


All prices are subject to availability and can be withdrawn or varied without notice. The price is only guaranteed when paid in full. Please note that prices quoted are subject to change. 

Price changes may occur because of matters outside our control which increase the cost of the product or service. Such factors include adverse currency fluctuations, fuel surcharges, taxes and airfare increase. Please contact your travel consultant for the updated prices.

These pages, the content, and infrastructure of these pages and the online reservation service (including the facilitation of payment service) provided by us on these pages and through the website are owned, operated, and provided by Damytravel.


The relationship that we have with the Trip Providers are governed by separate terms and conditions which govern the (B2B) commercial relationship we have with each of these Trip Providers. Each Trip Provider acts in a professional manner vis-à-vis damytravel when making its product and/or service available on or through damytravel (both for its business-to-business ("B2B") and/or business-to-consumer ("B2C") relationship). 

Note that Trip Providers may have, declare applicable, and/or require (acceptance of) – in addition to the policies and fine print as disclosed on the website, their own (delivery/shipping/carriage/usage) terms and conditions and house rules for the use, access, and consummation of the Trip (which may include certain disclaimers and limitations of liability).


Information submitted BY YOU, is your consent:

That such information is not confidential and Damytravel has the liberty to, publish or distribute this information globally on any media. You also agree that the names you submit can be attributed to comments and reviews on the website. 

We are in no way responsible or liable for submissions made by you. Damytravel is under no obligation whatsoever to post your comments/reviews. It is in our discretion and absolute authority to determine what comment will be posted on the website. 

If you do not accept these terms and conditions do not input your information on the website, and if you do, you agree to not take any legal actions against Damytravel in respect to how or where this information was used.

To ensure the information submitted to this platform is completely virus-free, as well as anything that may pose a threat to the security and proper functioning of our website or system.

To not transfer to or from this website, any form of unlawful, obscene, or pornographic content as well as commercialization.

Damytravel intends to use your information for the following:

●     Marketing: This includes sending promotional content and information on product/service that may be of interest you.

●     To send important updates to you concerning the website or Damytravel

●     For certain business purposes, which will certainly be to your advantage

●     For targeted content 

If you are a mobile device user Damytravel may collect information like settings and location.


Any part of this agreement confirmed to be unlawful or unenforceable shall be abolished but parts found to be lawful will remain in effect. Here is embedded the complete agreement between you and Damytravel in respect to your use of the platform, this agreement shall not be modified except signed by both parties in writing.

If questions seem to arise as regards or terms and conditions please email us: